Thursday, January 21, 2010


Oh no!

Yup, it's happened. This site has been left behind. Forgotten. I am ashamed of myself.

What have I done?

Well. Here's what I've been doing and where I've been doing it. Flickr!

The plan is to use Flickr as a repository, a dumparary if I may coin a term. "Dumparary." Dumpararium any better? I'll be updating this site with the greatest hits - "Greatest Hits!" of the goings on of life.

Megan and I have been upkeeping a wedding blog, Chris + Megan Sitting in a Tree, where we've been sharing all of our ongoing wedding plans. That will most likely be kept up with family in mind and what not.

In the meantime, here's a shot of me and the Future-Wife hanging out with some ladyfriends at The Saddle Rack in Fremont, CA.

Sunday, May 31, 2009



Ah. Disneyland. We drove down to Anaheim for a wedding on Memorial Day Weekend and we snuck in a trip to Disneyland in. Megan booked us into a motel within walking distance, which turned out to be the Alpine Inn.

Don't let the snow capped roof fool you. It was not snowing in Anaheim.

We followed the marching band into the park and made our way straight to --

the Haunted Mansion!

The "Nightmare Before Christmas" decor that had been up during our last visit was gone --

No more Jack Skellington. Just a bunch of old timey bullshit...

Yet Megan was scared.

"Ah! Lady in white dress! With an umbrella!"

"Agh! His arms are folded! Scary!"

It became a friendly and happy place once again as we passed through the Hollywood Backlot of California Adventure.*

Where Megan gave Sully a little kiss.

The hussy.

Joining us were a gaggle of Megan's college friends.

We did a run on the Big Thunder Mountain ride. Our first craptastic line of the day.


Here's the fake Palace of Fine Arts in California Adventure.

Just to refresh my own memory - Cailfornia Adventure is a theme park located in CALIFORNIA with the theme being CALIFORNIA. So, hey, you could be in fake San Francisco then in fake Hollywood, oh, after a quick tour of the fake wine country, then mosey into fake Santa Cruz.

Are those actual places a tourist in Anaheim can't manage to get to? Crazy world.

Here are a few overly dark pictures of us voicing cartoons.

Yay! These photos totally make sense! I absolutely know what's going on!

"Yes, Megan? Can I help you?"

Smashing your face?


"What the hell is Megan doing?"

Good question, John.

Oh, that's right. Sunscreen. Hmmm...

Supposedly they changed It's A Small World --

Yet still same ol' same ol' --

It's the same cutesy, homemade stuff. And I love it!

Then we rode some rides.

And I took pictures of it.

For our last ride Michael rallied the troops (well, at least me and John) to Splash Mountain. It was the final ride of the day, at midnight. We were the last car. We made it. We're awesome. Remember this day.

"I will!", says my inner voice.

Then me and Megan drove home back to the Bay Area. La ti da.

*ED NOTE: This is out of order. We did California Adventure later in the day, but for the sake of whatever, it's being represented earlier in the day's timeline than actually happened. Oh no! Oh well. The only part I can claim to being in order is the fact that we arrived before we left. Other than that, shits all over the place.

Monday, September 29, 2008


We could all use a little Bimbo Magic.

Due to unforseen (i.e, work; i.e, lame) circumstances, my birthday get together was postponed. It was horrible. Oh, God - I didn't think life, the world, existence, would or even COULD go on.

Total surprise! It totally did!

"Hey, Jake! Over here!"


"Um. Again!"

SNAP. A little better.

We headed across the Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Fields, which is in Berkeley and not San Francisco so I can only ask, "What the fuck?"

It was $1 day at the races. Entry, parking, hot dog, beer, etc. Well, the only "etcetera" would be "soda," so the list would read: Entry, parking, hot dog, beer, and soda.

The lil' guys paced the field before racing.

I kept putting my money on this jockey, Russel Baze, a Canadian born jockey from a family of jockeys. He's won over $5 million, and he's always the favorite to win - so I played favorites.

For a spectator sport, not many spectators spectatoring. It was Sunday and part of $1 day is that every NFL game is being shown throughout the place. Lots of cracked out sports gamblers ambled about muttering and tossing losing tickets on the ground, focused on incoming scores of games and races at other tracks.

For the first race we caught, I got up close to watch the horses ushered into the starting gate -

This is my version of the winning horse crossing the finish line. It's crap, but if the Racing Form wants to employ me, shoot me an e-mail!

They removed the starting gate --

and the ambulance --

And the next race took off --

And Jake wore sunglasses on his head and there were clouds --

And the horses raced on grass and my sports photography grew a bit more with experience.

The empty winner's circle.

Is he reading a book?

We waiting for the winning horse to come by --

By blocking the handicap access zone so we could take portraits.

My self-attempt - UNSUCCESSFUL.

Jake's attempt - SUCCESS!

My awesome hat was not seen as awesome by Megan on any other day besides race day. I had special permission to wear it in public due to it's familiar look on such men as Brian Doyle Murray.

"Caddyshack" is not a horse racing film, but in certain situations if I claim similarity to any Murray brother it is an automatic win and I can do as I please.

For the final race we continued to block the handicap access to watch horse number 2 and its jockey, Russell Baze.

At the last stretch he was 2nd--

But pulled ahead to win in the final moments.

The posse made their way back to the paddock --

And Russell Baze took to the winner's circle with the owner's of the horse for photographs --

And Handshakes.

"Over here, Russell! It's me! Thanks for winning! I totally deserve this $15.30 I got for you riding a horse in a circle faster than the other guys on horses!"

I'm not sure how much the family won due to Russell's win, but I only bet $2 and got $15.

Congratulations, you are all winners. Not sure what the horse gets for his work.

Megan claimed this was her best side --

Or was this her best side?

They both look good to me. ZING!

We all walked off, happier, richer, more full of life than when we entered this fine East Bay gambling establishment. I would like to extend an offer to Daniel Stern to be the narrator of my life.

Stay Wonder(fully) Year('d),

Kevin Amold

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